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When it comes to planning your new kitchen, NEFF home appliances are perfect for keen cooks and those looking to make their kitchens work a little harder.

With fantastic and unique features, for anyone that enjoys creating great food together with family and friends, NEFF are the perfect choice.

In this article, we explain some of the unique NEFF appliance features to help you make a more informed choice when it comes to your perfect product selection.

NEFF Ovens

A quick overview of some of the unique NEFF oven features

Oven Feature Explorer

Find out more about NEFF’s exclusive oven features.

If you’re passionate about cooking, then your oven will be an integral part of daily life. NEFF single and double ovens come with a range of features allowing you to get creative in the kitchen. NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door that brings you closer to your food is also available on a wide range of single ovens.

Ideal for intensifying flavours and preserving nutrients in you favourite dishes.

Full Steam is designed to provide healthy and delicious results when cooking foods such as fish, vegetables and desserts. Available with both CircoTherm® and Vario Steam, the cooking options are endless with a NEFF Full Steam oven.

The Slide&Hide® Door fits smoothly under the oven without reducing the oven’s size, so you can taste and baste with ease.

No more awkward bending as you cart your cheesy casseroles and crispy kales away. Just pull up the rotating handle to close when you’re done. Make room for magic. Make room for mouth-watering memories.

Cook up a full-course dinner on multiple levels in one go.

With CircoTherm® you can bake your casserole, Cajun chicken, and chocolate cheesecake all at the same time. The high-speed targeted airflow ensures that your dishes stay distinct with no intermingling of flavours. For a fast and easy family feast.

Our full-colour, extra-large TFT-display is high-contrast and high-resolution to make it easy for you to see.

You can work directly on the Full Touch Control to set the time, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to broil. Simply touch or swipe the fast and user-friendly surface, just like you would on your phone. Full Touch – from finger-pointing precision to finger-licking goodness.

Look into the far corners of your oven in comfort with NeffLight®. Special prisms evenly distribute the glare-free LED light from both sides of the door. All shelves are illuminated from all angles – there’s no need to open the oven door for a clear and brilliant view of your food.

Taking your turkey out of the oven has never been so trouble-free.

With our fully extending rails, you can pull the tray all the way out. Handling that giant roast is a piece of cake – you can grab the tray easily from the sides with both hands. It’s also more comfortable because you’re away from the heat. The rails can be placed on the top, middle or bottom for convenience

No more scrubbing after the Sunday roast.

With NEFF Pyrolytic Self-cleaning, scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past. Turn on the function and let it disintegrate all the spatterings and drippings into ash. Giving you more time to clear away the dishes, or better yet, why not take a short break? When the oven has cooled, wipe off the ash and presto, your oven is spick and span again. A special bonus – it’s chemical-free.


A quick overview of some of the unique NEFF hob features

Hob Feature Explorer

Find out more about NEFF’s exclusive hob features.

Cooking is all about creativity and individual taste, NEFF hobs have been specially designed to cater to all cookaholics.

If you’re looking for flexibility, an electric hob might be what you’re after. Or pick a powerful gas or fast induction hob. Can’t decide? Then the domino range might be the best hob for you.

NEFF hobs are designed to make cooking easy and enjoyable. With a range of sizes available, NEFF hobs are ready for almost any kind of pot you can think of. Better still, enhanced controls like FlameSelect® and TwistPadFire® provide full flexibility over your cooking.

NEFF hobs give you exactly what you need to cook up any tasty meal you can dream of, bringing the world of cooking to your kitchen.

The intuitive little helper.

By touching the TwistPad® Fire lightly a red ring illuminates and you activate the desired cooking zone. Choose the power level you require by rotating this genius button. The magnetic TwistPad® Fire is removable and ready to transform your hob into a creative hotspot that is super easy to clean.

The TwistPad® is handy finger food for your instinct. Simply touch the TwistPad® lightly to activate the desired cooking zone before you rotate this genius button to the power level of your choice. The magnetic TwistPad® is removable and ready to transform your hob into a creative hotspot that is easy to clean.
Step out of the hot ring and enter into a hub of freedom.

Flex Induction invites you to place your pots and pans anywhere within the Flex Zone area. Today’s magic is invisible – beneath your glass hob lie four induction coils that join forces depending on the size and shape of your cookware. Pinpoint your heat and enjoy the freedom to cook wherever your intuition takes you.

Move your pots, not your focus.

Power Transfer lightens the cooking frenzy on your Flex Induction Hob with extended Flex Zone areas: Power Transfer recognizes the heat level and pot size and automatically transfers these settings to a new location when you move the pot. No more pushing and adjusting, a gentle tap of confirmation is enough to keep your focus on cooking.

Delegate your heat decisions.

Simply activate Power Move to divide your Flex Induction Hob into three heat zones with high, medium and low temperature areas – boil up in the front, simmer in the middle and keep warm at the far end. Push your pots to the preferred heat level and free your creativity for the next endeavour of inspiration.

Rediscover the real roots of cooking.

Combine the pleasure of a gas hob with NEFF’s contemporary flame control. Choose your desired gradation with our 9-level FlameSelect® and be confident about the setting: the power of the flame isn’t a matter of luck anymore. Sauté, sear and simmer from now on with power levels you can always trust. Celebrate an ancient cooking ritual and blend it with reliable exactness.

This display offers much more than just numbers.

NEFF’s neat 7-segment display allows you to enjoy digital convenience while cooking with gas. See straight away which power level you choose for each burner. The moment you turn off a gas burner, a capital ‘H’ indicates a high level of residual heat while ‘h’ means little leftover heat and no symbol stands for ‘it’s cool, go ahead’.

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It’s been 140 years since Carl Neff made his first oven back in 1877 and the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Ovens, steam ovens, microwaves, hobs, drawers, cooker hoods, fridges, freezers, washers & dryers… Neff have so many products that make kitchen life so much more enjoyable, not to mention making your kitchen work much harder for you.

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