With FlameSelect® you have the ultimate control over your flame

Introducing NEFF hobs with FlameSelect® where the gas flame adapts to the dish you’re cooking and not the other way around. Whether you’re searing a steak, boiling pasta, or simmering a stew, you can set the heat to a numbered power level just as you would with an electric hob.

Choose from 9-levels of heat

Select one of the 9 levels and you can see how the flame becomes larger or smaller just as you need it. For the first time ever, cooking with gas is as easy and precise as cooking on an electric hob. And no matter the dish, you’re guaranteed to enjoy cooking it.

For added reliability, you can control your cooking by numbers and not by eye as selected models feature an illuminated display to clearly display which power level is in use.

FlameSelect® handy residual heat indicator

‘Off’ and ‘cold’ aren’t the same thing. When you’ve turned off the hob, the residual heat indicator keeps watch for you. If the ‘H’ is shown, then you definitely don’t want to touch the cooking area.

When the ‘h’ lights up, the gas hob will tell you that it’s nearly finished cooling down and it’s time to reach for the dishcloth. No symbols at all? Fine! You can start cleaning the cold hob.

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