Home Office storage solutions

A bespoke home office can be expertly designed to fit even the smallest of spaces. At Danby Interiors, we specialise in creating customised solutions that maximise every inch of your available area. Here’s how we can help you achieve a functional and stylish home office in a limited space:

  1. Tailored Design:
    • Our designs are completely tailored to the dimensions of your space. We carefully assess the area to ensure every element of the home office is scaled appropriately and fits perfectly.
  2. Smart Storage Solutions:
    • We utilise innovative storage options that maximise vertical space, such as built-in shelves and overhead cabinets. This allows you to store essentials without cluttering your workspace.
  3. Multi-functional Furniture:
    • Incorporating multi-functional furniture, like a desk that doubles as a bookshelf or a fold-away workstation, can help conserve space while maintaining full functionality.
  4. Clever Layouts:
    • Our designers are skilled at devising layouts that make the most of small spaces. We consider the placement of windows, doors, and electrical outlets to optimise the flow and usability of your office.
  5. Custom-Built Units:
    • Custom-built units can be designed to fit into awkward spaces, ensuring no area is wasted. These can include bespoke desks, filing cabinets, or floating shelves that fit seamlessly into your designated space.
  6. Light and Colour:
    • We recommend light colours and mirrors to make the space appear larger, along with strategic lighting to brighten the room and enhance the feeling of openness.

At Danby Interiors, we believe that limited space shouldn’t limit your ability to have a professional and personalised home office. We are committed to delivering bespoke designs that not only fit your spatial requirements but also echo your personal style and professional needs.