If you’re looking to save money on a home bar designed and installed by professionals, here are some tailored tips to help you achieve that without compromising on quality.

Clear Definition of Needs

Prioritise Needs: Have a clear understanding of what you want from your home bar. Opting for a straightforward, functional design over a highly customised one can significantly cut costs.

Material Selection

Economical Materials: Discuss with your designer about using materials that offer a high-end look without the premium price. Certain woods, laminates, or composite materials can be stylish yet budget-friendly.

Simplify the Design

Minimalist Approach: A simple design can be more cost-effective than one with intricate details. It often results in a modern, easy-to-maintain bar area.

Ex-Display furniture

Sustainable Savings: Enquire about using ex-display furniture or surplus materials from other projects. These can sometimes be acquired at a lower cost and modified to your requirements.

Efficient Lighting

LED Options: Choose LED lighting for its efficiency and longevity. Smart LED bulbs offer versatility in colour and settings without the need for expensive installations.

Plan for Scalability

Future-proof Design: Opt for a design that allows for easy additions or upgrades. This way, you can enhance your bar over time as budget allows, rather than all at once.

Make some Compromises

Adding sinks, wine coolers and dishwashers to your home bar can really enhance the functionality, but if you can do without them, then you can save in this area.